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Factors to Consider When Choosing Scroll Saws

Having a scroll saw is a good thing because it is handy in crafting wood. Scroll saws offer you a great way to spend your time and can be a lot of fun too. Another advantage of scroll saws is that they do not produce a lot of sawdust and are not noisy. You can work with scrolls in your home without inconveniencing anyone. Below we will discuss some of the key factors to consider when purchasing a scroll saw.

The first aspect you would want to consider is the price. Considering the price is important as you should stick to the budget you had planned for. The prices of scrolls vary from lower to high prices. If it is a first time, it would be best to start with a low priced model and then upgrade it when you are accustomed to working with it.

Next you will need to consider the speed of the scroll saw. The modern scroll come with a ray of speed dials. The our liking if the scroll has a variable speed dials allows you to adjust the speed depending on how fast or slow you want it to be. There are some that are single speed scroll. You, therefore, need to research the speed of the model you intend to buy.

Another consideration to make when making your purchase is the thought size. The throat size is the distance between the back and the blade. In away the size of the projects you can handle is directly proportional to the throat size. For beginners, a saw with a thought size between sixteen to twenty-one inches is best.

Also, you need to consider the blade changing feature when choosing your scroll saw. You can either choose to go for tool-less changing saws or one that requires tools to change the blade. A scroll saw that requires tools to change the blade is the best choice if you will be making one kind of cut per project. As for scroll saws that require no tools to change the blade, they are a good option if you intend to be changing the blades constantly.

Also you will need to consider the blades when purchasing a scroll saw. When choosing your blade types you can either choose to go for pinned and unpinned. The first type, which is the pinned, are usually suitable for rough cuts. You can choose pinned blades also if you are cutting thicker wood. As for unpinned, they are suitable for fine cuts. You can cut anything in any thickness when you choose unpinned blades because they are available in a wide range of sizes and features.

Lastly, you need also to consider other factors such as weight, accessories, vibration, and availability of replacement parts when making your choice. Consider having a scroll saw that is portable, because you can move it anywhere and will not make your workbench dusty.

So with that said, take this scroll saw buying guide into serious consideration when you decide to buy your next saw, or even a ratcheting wrench too. That's because the basics of this guide pretty much applies to almost any tool out there today. Now for those that want to learn more about jigsaws, here is a post that can help you out at

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